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"Feed your soul and stomach with our NairaLand Cuisine and Soul Food!"

We offer best-in town food, atmosphere and event center suitable for huge, large, and small parties

Chef's Recommendations

Yam Pottage or Porridge

Asaro/Ebe with choice of meat or fish

Soul Food Recommendation

mouthwatering chicken dinner

Fried Jalapenos Stew

served over a bed of white rice with assorted meat

Location and hours of operation

Thu-Sat 11am - 7pm Sun-WedClosed

Customer Testimonials

Theresa Wanes

I can’t say enough about your tasty Soul Food! The reasonable prices, and great atmosphere are also the reasons we come back again and again. Beautiful Shades is a gem! Keep up the great work… and don’t change a thing! Thank you!

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