Ethnic Restaurants in Indianapolis

Ethnic Restaurants in Indianapolis

Ethnic Restaurants in Indianapolis – we are the best of all!

Beautiful Shades is one of the most beloved Ethnic Restaurants in Indianapolis. We are a restaurant and event center offering two different types of cuisines to satisfy the tastebuds of those who love good food. If you are into ethnic food then you are in for a treat, we offer a variety of authentic dishes from Nigerian cuisine cooked by our skilled chef. Of course we know that nothing compares to momma‚Äôs cooking but this is as close as you can get to the taste of home Soul Food. Whether you are new in town or just checking around for cool places to eat, Beautiful Shades has the flavor and surroundings to make your next food experience unforgettable.  


Planning a wedding, a birthday dinner, or another social gathering? Our event center is equipped with large stage, vibrant table decorations, party lights, and your own in-house catering. Whether you are planning a special event for yourself, friend, or a relative, rest assured that you will be greeted with professionalism, top-notch cleanliness and beautiful presentation at Beautiful Shades Banquet Hall. Our rates are some of the most reasonable in town, so don’t wait, book an event now, or check out picture gallery if you still need some time to think it over.


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